Long Radius Bends

Busada Group 1 long radius bends are carefully crafted to meet the requirements for clear, transparent conveyance systems. For over 65 years we have developed proprietary processes that assure roundness, clarity, and accuracy. Unless otherwise specified, bends are bent to a center-line radius (CLR) with 8″ standard tangents (ST).

Busada treats tube bending as an art, having the experience and capabilities to perfect helices, rectangular twists, and various unique long bends up to 22 feet in length. Our team of tube bending artisans love challenges and treat every job the same, from museum-level displays to industrial pipe bender projects. Bring your plastic tube bending ideas or designs to us and we will work to bring your concept to life!

All bends are made to order, with a 10-point check to see that degree, radius, transitions, arc lengths, and end-to-end dimensions fall within tolerance. We also maintain a .125″ flatness tolerance as well as clarity passes. We maintain quartz heaters, and tight heating controls and alarms. Our technique has been evolving for over 50 years, and we consider our bend makers artisans in their trade.


Standard Angles 15° 22° 3°0 45° 6° 75° 90° 120° 180°
We also bend to non-standard angles between 2 and 360 Deg.


Standard Bends 8″
Non-Standard Bends 0-80″

We also supply zero-tangent bends and extended tangent bends upon request. Standard and-Non-Standard Radii: If you have a special need, call the shop. We can fabricate tight radii bends, or miter bends.

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Pudge the dog inside two large ten inch diameter group 1 butyrate bends made to convey popcorn tubs

10-inch Butyrate Bends

These long radius bends will be used for popcorn bucket conveyance. The order consisted of 200 ft. of tubing (10″ OD x .187 w) and 4 bends, 90 Deg, 60″ Radius with 8″ tangent. The bend is composed of Eastman Tenite CAB 576E. Butyrate is not only clear, but very forgiving in the bending process.

Available Stock Sizes

S = Standard Radius.
N = Non-Standard Radius may have a set-up charge.
X = Not available

Larger Radii can be made to order.
Call the Shop at 540-967-2882

OD: 2-1/4" through 3-3/8"
Part#OD X ID (IN)OD X ID (MM)121418243036486072
B0052-1/4 X 1-7/857.2 X 47.6NNSSSSSSS
B0102-3/8 X 260.3 X 50.8NNSSSSSSS
B0112-1/2 X 2-1/863.5 X 54.0NNSSSSSSS
B0152-5/8 X 2-1/466.7 X 57.2NNSSSSSSS
B0162-3/4 X 2-3/869.9 X 60.3NNSSSSSSS
B0202-7/8 X 2-1/273.0 X 63.5NNSSSSSSS
B0253 X 2-5/876.2 X 66.7NNSSSSSSS
B0303-1/8 X 2-3/479.4 X 69.9NNSSSSSSS
B0353-1/4 X 2-7/882.6 X 73.0NNSSSSSSS
B0403-3/8 X 385.7 X 76.2NNSSSSSSS
B0453-3/8 X 3-1/1685.7 X 77.8NNSSSSSSS
OD: 3-1/2" through 4-5/16"
Part# OD X ID (IN) OD X ID (MM) 12 14 18 24 30 36 48 60 72
B0503-1/2 X 3-1/888.9 X 79.4NNSSSSSSS
B0553-5/8 X 3-1/492.1 X 82.6NNSSSSSSS
B0603-3/4 X 3-3/895.3 X 85.7NNSSSSSSS
B0653-7/8 X 3-1/298.4 X 88.9NNSSSSSSS
B0663-7/8 X 3-17/3298.4 X 89.7NNSSSSSSS
B0754 X 3-5/8101.6 X 92.1NNSSSSSSS
B0804-1/8 X 3-3/4104.8 X 95.3NNSSSSSSS
B0854-1/4 X 3-7/8108 X 98.4NNSSSSSSS
B0904-5/16 X 3-15/16109.6 X 100NNSSSSSSS
OD: 4-3/8" through 5-3/8"
Part#OD X ID (IN)OD X ID (MM)121418243036486072
B0954-3/8 X 4111.1 X 101.6NNSSSSSSS
B0964-1/2 X 4-1/8114.3 X 104.8XXNSSSSSS
B1004-7/16 X 4-1/32112.7 X 102.4NNSSSSSSS
B1054-5/8 X 4-1/4117.5 X 108XXNSSSSSS
B1104-3/4 X 4-3/8120.7 X 111.1XXNSSSSSS
B1154-7/8 X 4-1/2123.8 X 114.3XXNSSSSSS
B1205 X 4-5/8127 X 117.5XXNSSSSSS
B1255-1/8 X 4-3/4130.2 X 120.7XXNSSSSSS
B1305-1/4 X 4-7/8133.3 X 123.8XXNSSSSSS
B1355 3/8 X 5136.5 X 127XXNSSSSSS
OD: 5-1/2" through 10"
Part#OD X ID (IN)OD X ID (MM)121418243036486072
B1405-1/2 X 5-1/8139 X 130.2XXNSSSSSS
B1455-5/8 X 5-1/4142.9 X 133.3XXNSSSSSS
B1465-3/4 X 5-3/8146.1 X 136.5XXNSSSSSS
B1505-7/8 X 5-1/2149.2 X 139.7XXNSSSSSS
B1606 X 5-5/8152.4 X 142.8XXNNSSSSS
B1616-1/8 X 5-3/4155.6 X 146.1XXXNSSSSS
B1626-1/4 X 5-7/8158.8 X 149.4XXXNSSSSS
B1636-3/8 X 6161.9 X 152.4XXXNSSSSS
B1646-1/2 X 61/8165.1 X 155.6XXXNSSSSS
B1656-5/8 X 6-1/4168.3 X 158.8XXXNSSSSS
B1707 X 6-5/8177.8 X 168.3XXXXXNNNN
B1757-1/2 X 7-1/8190.5 X 181XXXXNNSSS
B1808 X 7-5/8203.2 X 193.7XXXXNNSSS
B20010 X 9-5/8254 X 244.5XXXXNNSSS

BUSADA makes long-radius sweeps (or bends) in CAB (butyrate), Provista (PETG), Polycarbonate, Spectar Stratus, and Tritan. If you need a bend, we can bend most any combination of angle, radius, and tangent between 0.5″ to 10″OD.”

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