Spectar Stratus

Product Description

Eastman Spectar Stratus copolyester was formulated specifically for the lighting market. Spectar Stratus brings your projects to light with excellent diffusion and high light transmission and superb processability. It can be laser cut, routed, welded, drilled, die-punched, or joined by screws, rivets, or bolts. It can also be cut on a conventional table, band, or radial-arm saws with blades commonly used for plastic. Surface scratches or scuff marks can be removed using a common heat gun. Lighting applications made with Spectar Stratus are made tough—durable enough to survive heavy-use and harsh environments and are resistant to a variety of chemicals and cleaners. Because of this outstanding toughness, designers can insist on thinner designs without compromising performance.

Performance Characteristics

  • LED light-diffusing capability
  • High light transmission—Depending on gauge, Spectar Stratus light transmission can be adjusted between 80% and 90%. Minimal loss of light output allows maximum lumens per watt for the fixture.
  • Outstanding hiding power—LED points of light are diffused across the diffuser lens, creating a desirable appearance.
  • Durability—Unlike many other diffusers that crack in shipping or in use, Spectar Stratus is tough, capable of withstanding direct impact without breaking.
  • Easy to fabricate and machine.

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