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Busada Manufacturing Corporation is a pioneer in plastics. Founded and incorporated in 1951, Busada is now one of the nation’s leading producers of transparent butyrate tubing and pipe. We manufacture high-quality plastic tubing but specialize in transparent resins. Busada 200® rigid clear plastics tubing is our primary product. It is a versatile thermoplastic extruded from Tenite Butyrate, a cellulose acetate butyrate (CAB) compound. The unique properties of this material, in tandem with our manufacturing and quality control processes, make Busada 200® transparent butyrate tubing the preeminent choice for a range of demanding industrial and consumer applications. In addition to Busada 200®, we extrude but are not limited to, PETG, Provista, Polycarbonate, Spectar Stratus, Tritan, and Clear PVC. We extrude tubing for high-temperature applications, food applications with FDA approval, NSF Compliance, UVA stabilization, and antistatic baked-on coatings for static dissipation.

Busada workers loading tubing onto a truck in 1951

Saluting John K. Busada

Born during World War I, a Navy Lieutenant in World War II, John Busada, the founder of Busada Manufacturing Corp. died in 2020, a victim of Covid 19. He was 102 years old.

So, it would be appropriate to share a page of a Plastics Engineering July 2017 article written in his honor.

And this is how I will remember him. Always smiling, always welcoming, even-keeled and delightful.

Click here to read the whole article.

John Busada eating and smiling at dinner in a cafeteria
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