Product Description

Eastman Provista™ is a resin specifically developed for profile extrusion where high clarity and gloss, toughness, and processability are critical. Eastman Provista™ Copolymer is a second-generation material that complements Eastman Provista™ by offering similar features while providing greater toughness. Eastman Provista™ Copolymer is ideal in applications that place greater physical demands on the profile. With an indoor/outdoor UV package added, yellowing caused by light can be prevented. Eastman Provista™ Copolymer is certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 51 for Food Equipment Materials.

Busada Provista tubing has been used to convey coffee beans, flour, grains, other foods, paper cups, and containers pneumatically and chain conveyance.

Performance Characteristics

  • Sparkling clarity and gloss – it won’t stress whiten
  • Toughness with flexibility – for a long functional life
  • Ease of fabrication – cutting – bending, drilling, and bonding
  • Excellent chemical resistance – for long-lasting good looks and performance
  • Good economics – providing cost advantages all the way to the end-user
  • Environmental advantages – has no plasticizers or halogen-containing compounds, BPA and BPS free, and when burned, produces no toxic substances
  • FDA clearances available for food/NSF 51 approval – contact applications
  • UV-resistance, with the use of available UV-grades
  • GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified®