How is your product shipped?

We ship collect/customer routed, meaning we accommodate whatever shipping company you prefer. If you don’t have a freight carrier, just let us know and we can recommend one.

Note: UPS will ship anything under 8ft lengths.

What is your lead time?

Stock items typically ship within 2-3 days, but the lead time for custom products varies. Please speak with the Busada team for lead times.

Do you offer rushed service and delivery?

If you need a quick turnaround or find yourself in a tubular emergency, just let us know. We offer quick ship for many stock items and expedited service for rush orders.

What are your payment terms?

We accept all major credit cards, checks, and money orders. Once payment is made, your product will be shipped and/or your project will be scheduled.

We offer net 30 payment terms for approved customers. If you would like to get set up on terms, just let us know and our team will assist.

Once you are set up on terms, just send over a Purchase Order (P.O.) and we will bring your project to life.

Note: For credit card transactions there is a 3.5% service charge.

What is your Tolerance?

Our standard tubular tolerance for extrusion is .005, however, tolerances vary with different material types, diameters, walls, shapes, etc. For custom fabrication and/or extrusion runs, we will work within your tolerance.

Our tolerance for cut length is .125 unless otherwise noted.

With 70 years of extrusion experience, we have data sheets that provide exact tolerances for various sizes and material types. If you need precision or have questions about a specific tolerance, just let us know.

How long of a tube can you bend?

We have the ability to bend tubes up to 22ft in length.

Do you offer quantity discounts?

Absolutely! Larger orders mean more extrusion time, which means less set-up, changeover, and scrap (getting run tuned in). Since our costs are calculated by the weight of material per foot + the time the order will take, larger orders translate to more usable production and lower costs passed unto the customer.

Is there a set-up fee for custom extrusion runs?

A pro-rated set-up charge is calculated for each custom extrusion run. When quantity thresholds are reached, the set-up charge eventually disappears. Essentially the set-up charge is designed to help offset expenses associated with time/material investment on small runs. Each set-up charge is dictated by material, size, and project complexity.

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