Static Dissipation

Static Dissipative Coating

We now have an option for a hard-baked static dissipative coating for our transparent tubing.

We bake on an acrylic-based coating that has no contaminants, no silicone, and no chlorides. It meets MILB-81705 for static decay and ANSI ESD S20.20 for static dissipation. It contains no restricted REACH nor RoHS substances. It provides a surface resistivity of 106 to 109 ohms per square.

Our static coating process includes a quality control standard for each tube, with our technicians testing each tube to get as low as 10 6th to 10 7th in OHMS resistance. If we don’t meet our rigid in-house standard for static dissipation, we repeat our process till we get it right.

A cut section of transparent tubing marked with a sharpie to show the part that has been treated with staticide

The coating is perfectly clear and is contained within the Sharpie lines on the PETG tube to the left.

We can add the staticide to any of our extruded products. Prices are based on the square footage covered. Call the shop for an estimate at 540-967-2882.

Puck conveyance tubing being used to transport coffee beans that has been grounded with copper wire and treated with staticide
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