Cellulose Acetate Butyrate (CAB)

Product Description

The applications for Cellulose Acetate Butyrate (CAB) are almost unlimited. CAB material has high impact resistance, proven ultra-violet weatherability, great chemical resistance, along with excellent forming characteristics. These material characteristics make CAB the ideal plastic for forming parts and products that are exposed to a demanding environment.

Outdoor formulations now being produced may be expected to remain useful for at least 5 years outdoors in any part of the continental United States and in other areas of the world with comparable climates. During the critical phases of fabrication, transportation, warehousing, and installation of outdoor applications, butyrate provides resistance to breakage far superior to that of many plastics marketed for outdoor use. Even though its toughness decreases with prolonged outdoor exposure, tests have shown that after several years of outdoor use, the best outdoor formulations of Tenite™ butyrate still retain higher impact strength than un-weathered specimens of many competitive materials.

Butyrate, like polycarbonate, is a thermoplastic or polymer that turns to liquid when heated and hardens to a very glassy state when cooled. Butyrate shares many characteristics with polycarbonate. It is highly impact-resistant, possesses excellent clarity, and features high light transmission rates.

Tenite™ cellulose acetate butyrate has been tested in contact with several materials, and the results are presented in our FAQ section.

Additional attributes of Butyrate are its machinability and formability. Most drilling, sawing, and routing can be performed with standard woodworking equipment. Heat forming of the products in this group is a bonus.

Eastman’s cellulose-based products are made from renewable wood pulp sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Softwood trees→Wood pulp factory→ Eastman™→Tenite™ cellulosic plastic pellets→Busada Mfg. Corp.

Performance Characteristics

  • Proven UV Stability
  • Long Term Weather resistance
  • High Impact Resistance
  • Strong Chemical Resistance
  • Unlimited color ability
  • The ability to be efficiently Foil Stamped or Silkscreened
  • Easy to fabricate and machine
  • Manufactured from a renewable resource

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