Specialty Bends

We make helices, U bends, offset snake bends, candy cane bends, and all kinds of specialty tubing bends in between. Our technique has been evolving for over 60 years, and we consider our bend makers artisans in their trade.

If you need a plastics tube or pipe bend, we can provide it between .5″OD to 10″OD, any angle up to 180 degrees, and any radius up to 110.”

We have been making custom tubing bends for The Roasting Plant as they build new and upgrade existing restaurants. They and their engineers from Advanced Design (FL) have tight tolerances and every bend is different. We extrude Provista tubing (PETG) and coat it with our ACS Staticide.

Many provista PETG tubes joining into a pneumatic conveying system for coffee beans at the Roasting Plant

U Bends

We frequently are asked to make U bends (180°). In a U bend, the offset is twice the radius, and keeping the offset is the trick. In thermoplastics bends, the tubing tends to pull in or out (memory) and work as a thermometer with radiant heat. Our process minimizes movement of the bend offset.

a U bend at use in a test machine for puck conveyance.

Offset Bends

A long offset bend displayed on a light blue background

Do you need an offset bend? If you do, simply provide for us a triangle. Tell us the vertical offset that you need, and the distance between your connection points. You can even specify the tangent. For example, if you wanted a 26″ vertical offset with a distance of 60″ and you wanted tangents of 10″ and 7″ we would provide you the offset based on the longest possible radius.

A computer diagram of an offset bend angle and radius

P Trap Bends

We made these P traps for HVAC equipment. The plastic tubing will replace copper tubing. We color some of them also. Read more about our projects with these custom P trap tubing bends.

A red P-Trap bend over its plan diagram

Candy Cane Bend

Two interlocking candy cane bends joined to form an oval loop

A conveyance company occasionally orders candy-cane bends.

It takes a certain technique to make this kind of specialty tubing bend and to avoid the stresses that would generally pull the bend upon itself. Additionally, bends of all types, but especially this type act as thermometers moving with temperature changes (and especially to radiant heat).

A diagram of a candy cane bend

Colored Bends

One of our cup manufacture customers got creative. Their factory was getting congested by an array of clear pneumatic tubing to the point where they could not visibly detect one cup line from the other. Their engineer wanted an easy way to distinguish the lines visibly and asked for colors. We obliged. The tubing pictured to the right was coated with a colorant that adheres or rather embeds into the tubing for a permanent colorant. It only embeds to the outside wall so it has no effect on the cup or any FDA or NSF compliance.

A set of newly made red colored bends
An installation with multiple zero tangent bends in multiple colors
Performers in the opera waving the fire ring bends around like flames
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