Couplings, Connectors, Sleeves

Busada offers custom fabricated connecting sleeves and cuff link connectors for all of our plastic and pneumatic tubing. For custom applications, please refer to our fabrication web page.

From sleeves, bells, couplings, and flares, Busada works to connect you with exactly what you need. We stock a large selection of quick-ship thermoplastic sleeves ranging in size from 2.25” – 10”. If you need compression, gripper, food-grade, or other specialty couplings and plastic tube connectors let us know what you need and we’ll connect you with a solution promptly.

Because we want to ensure that our tubing provides uninterrupted flow, we do not provide PVC-like couplings and bells.

An employee in a cup production company loading cups into pneumatic tubing in the 1950s

Coupling Sizes

ID: 2-1/4" through 3-3/8"
Part # ID (IN) ID (MM)
S005 2-1/4 57.2
S010 2-3/8 60.3
S011 2-1/2 63.5
S015 2-5/8 66.7
S016 2-3/4 69.9
S020 2-7/8 73.0
S025 3 76.2
S030 3-1/8 79.4
S035 3-1/4 82.6
S040 3-3/8 85.7
ID: 3-1/2" through 4-1/2"
Part # ID (IN) ID (MM)
S050 3-1/2 88.9
S055 3-5/8 92.1
S060 3-3/4 95.3
S065 3-7/8 98.4
S075 4 101.6
S080 4-1/8 104.8
S085 4-1/4 108
S090 4-5/16 109.6
S095 4-3/8 111.1
S096 4-1/2 114.3
ID: 4-7/16" through 6-5/8"
Part # ID (IN) ID (MM)
S100 4-7/16 112.7
S105 4-5/8 117.5
S110 4-3/4 120.7
S115 4-7/8 123.8
S120 5 127
S125 5-1/8 130.2
S130 5-1/4 133.3
S135 5-3/8 136.5
S140 5-1/2 139
S145 5-5/8 142.9
S146 5-3/4 146.1
S150 5-7/8 149.2
S160 6 152.4
S167 6-5/8 168.3
Transparent butyrate sleeve bonded by set screws

One simple way to connect your butyrate sleeves is using four to six cone set screws.

A Sleeved Bell Reducer: We do not recommend connecting tubing and bends with traditional couplings (as in PVC lines).

A short section of coupled tubing ending in a flare

The advantage of solvent welding is that the bond is permanent and will not separate.

A grouping of two axial-slit sleeves and a removable tubing section.

An assembled and disassembled pneumatic access port

Busada is a distributor for Morris Couplings. If it is not necessary to have a completely transparent access port, we can do the same by sleeving with Morris-type quick disconnects and a range of other plastic tube fittings.

If you need a PVC pipe connector, shrinkable sleeve, or unique coupling to fit a specific application, give us a call today.

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