Eco Friendly

Sustainability Policy

This is a photo of the plastic grinder we use to recycle plastic.

Busada Manufacturing Corporation is committed to being a good neighbor and to meeting or exceeding the requirements of all applicable laws, regulations, and permits. We operate our facility safely and responsibly to prevent adverse environmental impacts with our eco-friendly tubing products.

We conserve natural resources; use material and energy efficiently; and strive to reduce emissions, discharges, and waste through sources reduction, reuse, and recycling. Most of our scrap is reused and recycled in different product profiles.

We are converting to LEDs on a two-year plan and converting all mechanical drives to more efficient electrical drives. The revamping of our fabrication areas for better insulative values and the redesigning of our dies for better insulation have no doubt made our operation more energy efficient.  In addition, we maintain very low water usage and release no harmful chemicals into the environment.

We encourage respect for the environment and emphasize each employee’s environmental responsibilities. Our four-day workweek in conjunction with several work from home days helps to contribute to the combined savings of our natural resources with the prevention of more harmful emissions from automobiles.

We purchase our resins from Eastman Chemical, a company that takes managing resources and preserving the ecosystem very seriously. Our main resin, Tenite™ cellulosic plastics, is biodegradable and sourced from sustainably managed forests. Cellulosics are the only plastic made from a renewable source: softwood forests, harvested under a program that represents environmentally responsible management of our natural resources. For every two trees that are harvested, three new trees are planted in their place and little is wasted. We have made a considerable investment in machines to regrind our scrap and thus are able to recycle much of our waste. You will not see our eco-friendly tubing products in the lakes, ocean, or on the beaches of our planet!

Save our planet - reduse, reuse, and recycle!
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