Plastic Fabrication Company Uses Clear Plastic Sheet for Custom Acrylic Fabrication

Occasionally our customers need fabricated sheets for their product. Dominion Energy recently
needed a new wet calibration rig to replace a dirty old yellowing acrylic rig. The project required
1” clear plastic sheet, which can be challenging to source. Since Acrylic has the propensity to
craze, crack, and yellow over time, we suggested using three Cellulose Acetate Butyrate (CAB sheets with a .325” wall and pressing and solvent welding them together to make one large sheet. CAB solvent welds with itself incredibly well and was the perfect fit for this application.

After pressing and welding the sheet together, we routed out the center of the sheet so the two
site glasses would fit tightly and create a high-pressure seal. We also tapped access ports with
¼” NPT threads. Here you can see the clear plastic sheet welded together for industrial-grade
strength and highly visible transparency.

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