Sight Glasses

Valve Stem Protectors

Vibracore is the state-of-the-art process of collecting a continuous soil sample in water-saturated sediments from wetlands, harbors, and lakes to the deep ocean.


Plastic core tubes, undoubtedly, have the benefit of being clear so the sediments can be visually inspected through the core length without removal from the tubes. Plastics are lighter and can be easily cut to length with pipe cutters or saws. Plastic caps are readily available in many diameters also to cap off samples once they are collected. Plastic core tubes also offer the benefit of using plastic core catchers, which are easily constructible, economic, and can be fastened to the core tube with pop rivets or glue.

Sight glass tubing is transparent. Depending on chemical environments, heat, and pressure, many industries use transparent plastic industrial tubing sight glasses and level gauges. Busada supplies a wide range of sight glasses for viewing the contents and the levels of materials. They allow you to monitor liquid or granular flow either manually or at a distance.

Sight glasses can be installed by gluing, bolting, or clamping into your equipment. Busada supplies them from .5” OD to 10” OD in Butyrate, Provista, and Tritan. Depending on the resin and wall thickness, we can satisfy many applications. All 3 resins are available in FDA and NSF compliance.

Protection, ready visibility, and ease of access are three conditions desired of the sluice gate, valve stem, slide gate, and weir gate protectors. Before transparent butyrate covers, these were problems. The traditional protection employed galvanized steel with its drawbacks of poor visibility, unknown position of the gate, and weight.

Cellulose Acetate Butyrate clear rigid tubing is ideal for stem protectors and other industrial tubing applications due to ultraviolet absorption characteristics. Strength, clarity, weatherability, and functionality are a few reasons our tubing provides superior protection for your stem protector needs.

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