Busada Pneumatic Conveyor Tubing & Tubes are the industry choice for pneumatic-conveyance systems that require visual monitoring. We developed Busada 200® pneumatic tubing specifically for anti-static, low drag air-conveyance applications. We also can add coatings and additives for static dissipation.  Pneumatic air conveyance depends upon our transfer tubing for trouble-free materials transport. We set, and have maintained, the standard for pneumatic conveyance tubing and air delivery tubes for over 60 years. 


An example of our pneumatic convenyance tubing in a bank drive thru.

CAB (cellulose acetate butyrate) tubing remains the industry standard for over half a century for cup, cap, package, banking, and pharmaceutical conveyance. Butyrate, known for its anti-static qualities, long-lasting transparency, excellent UV stabilization, and low noise resonance makes it the material of choice.  Butyrate is also available in FDA-approved formulas in food-contact uses. 

Provista tubing is another high-quality extrusion for FDA-approved and NSF compliance in food contact applications. Provista has excellent impact strength and crystal-clear clarity. An additional static dissipative coating not only reduces dust buildup but puts a gloss on the tube that makes it a favorite for retail and restaurant applications.


Logan Lucky – A Bleecker Street Motion Picture

A scene from the movie Logan Lucky, showing a pneumatic carrier filled with money travelling through a pneumatic tubing system to a vault.

Tritan is a new-generation clear plastic with excellent toughness and impact resistance. It is virtually unbreakable. Unlike some plastics, Tritan is made without bisphenol-A (BPA) and it retains clarity after repeated dishwasher washing cycles, without hazing or cracking. That makes bottles made with BPA-free Tritan more than reusable; it makes them a great sustainable alternative to a market looking to reduce landfill use. With its unmatched clarity and durability, Tritan makes a lot of products in many markets better. Eastman Tritan™ copolyester is fast becoming the material of choice over polycarbonate and other alternatives such as polypropylene, styrene, and acrylics.  Tritan was used in the motion picture, Logan Lucky. Watch the trailer to see our tubing in action.

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