Arts and Displays

Whether it be custom interactive displays, museum exhibits, or set and lighting pieces for the theater, Busada can fabricate your design and bring it to life.

Whether it be custom interactive displays, museum exhibits, or set and lighting pieces for TV and theater productions, Busada can fabricate your design and bring it to life. Our unique tubular shapes, colors, materials, and sizes coupled with our proprietary bending and full-service fabrication capabilities allow for the perfect solution to turn ideas into reality. From simple trade or showroom displays to creative architectural wonders, we are here to help you grab attention and stand out with one-of-a-kind allure.

The honey been exhibit in a children's museum featuring large plastic trees with tubing spirals running through them.

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This is the 3M logo.

The Knock Knock children’s museum in Baton Rouge is set to open this August. We are delighted to have participated in one of the principal attractions, the pneumatic tube carrier exhibit. Designed by Zaphod Beeblebrox, the helix consists of a spiral of 60-degree bends, rotated couplings, and entrance and exit bends.

Thanks to our friends at Hamilton Vaultronics for choosing us to build the helix and, in working with the architects, to build such an artistic display. 

See our tubing at work in this commercial from Associated Bank.

A scene from the movie Logan Lucky, showing a pneumatic carrier filled with money travelling through a tubing system to a vault.

We’re in the movies!

Busada has been making plastic tubing for over 6 decades, but one of our customers, Aerocom Systems, Inc. has over eighty years of design development in pneumatic tube systems worldwide. They recently designed the pneumatic props for a summer film, “Logan Lucky” and our tubing received a leading role. We were amused. The 6″ Bends are from our line of CAB butyrate pneumatic tubing.

LED tubing gets some culture.

When the noted Adirondack Studios asked for a light diffusive tube for a “fire ring” I had no idea that it would lead to a trip to Chicago and some much-needed culture. All that I knew was that this fire ring was to be used in an opera. It was to be made in 16 sections, and each section was to be light enough for the ensemble to carry on stage and position.

The fire ring was large (to me) — 26M in diameter; but “it is grand opera after all.” The tubing needed to transmit and diffuse internal LED lights hiding the individual bulbs—all the while—maintaining a UL 94 vertical burning compliance. We suggested Eastman Chemical’s Stratus resin in a 6.5” OD tube.

Performers in Die Walküre using the red illuminated tubes to form a fire ring.