Water Sediment Tester:Butyrate Pipe

Butyrate tubing joined to metal valves of the sediment tester

A water treatment company needed a system to display its product in its showroom and for trade shows. The system required 4″ Schedule 40 Pipe that would be bent, coupled, threaded, and coupled with tees and wyes. It was challenging in a number of ways. We had to cram a lot of pipe into a tight space with tight-radius bends and solvent welding. On top of all, it had to support heavy valves and be stable when moved from site to site.


A design schematic of the water sediment tester

The project required threading, flanging, and a significant amount of solvent welding.

Image of transparent butyrate pipe with flanges attached by threading. Caption says "threaded flanges."
Various transparent butyrate tubing sections with threaded ends colored green
A welded Tee bend with pipe threading on one and

Due to the weight of the valves, we had to really build up the welds. We shipped the order as turn-key.

Image of transparent tubing Tee section with caption saying, "extra-heavy butyrate tee, male threads on all sides."
Thick welded joins on the tubing tee
Water sediment tester made from threaded butyrate pipe set on the shop floor
Side view of a tee section of the sediment tester
One end of the water sediment tester with two diverging branches

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