LED lighting is simply a new and beautiful new canvas for high-end architectural lighting.  

LEDs offer a number of advantages over traditional fluorescent and incandescent lamps including longer life, improved energy efficiency, smaller lamp size, less generated heat, and lighter weight. However, one of the challenges of LED light sources is that they consist of an array of many small diodes that create intense points of light. These LED “hot spots” have poor aesthetic characteristics, which can detract from the appearance of architectural and commercial lighting fixtures.

The wooden ceiling and curved rafters illuminated by LED lights covered by Stratus tubing

With the introduction of Spectar Stratus lighting tubing, we offer light-diffusing technology for extruded and injection molded parts. Best of all, our options still allow optimum light transmission while “hiding” the light source.

Few things are as important to architectural spaces as lighting. Certainly, light helps make an area safer, healthier, more comfortable, and more useful. But light also carries an emotional appeal. The right lighting can soothe or excite us, it inspires us and makes us more productive, and it connects us to the space. As such, creative lighting is a crucial part of any brand experience in retail or work environments.

Advantages of Spectar Stratus Lighting Tube:

  • High light transmission
  • Outstanding hiding power
  • Design flexibility
  • Customize opacity and light transmission
  • Simple processing
  • Chemical resistance and durability
  • Process sustainability
  • GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified®
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