Pneumatic tube systems are basic inventory in hospitals with more than 200 beds. Because they are the best solution when long distances need to be covered and when seconds count.

Busada tubes is used for numerous medical purposes, from pneumatic tube systems and medical packaging to testing devices and medical research. We offer tubing made with FDA and NSF compliant materials and have intentional quality control standards in place to meet and exceed expectations. We can accommodate orders requiring ISO 9001 certification and provide particulate and fingerprint-free tubing that is double bagged and ready to introduce into your clean room with a certificate of conformity.

Our pneumatic tubes are also implemented in medical manufacturing facilities to transport medical products such as syringes for packaging.

Our products are also used for medical cylinders and testing devices.

Pneumatic tube systems are basic inventory in hospitals, pharmacies, and manufacturing facilities that transport medical products. When every second counts and long distances need to be covered, our medical-grade tubing is the best solution for delivering results. Our capacity for tight tolerances, fabrication repertoire, and years of experience makes us the clear choice.

Syringe Transport

Applications in Hospitals

  • Sending blood samples to laboratory
  • Blood samples/bags to blood bank
  • Pathology specimens
  • Medicine from pharmacy
  • X-rays
  • Medical reports
  • Small surgical and medical equipments
This is an example of medical tubing.
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