U Bends

Published: February 15, 2021
by Charles Busada
A u bend still on the cooling block

Frequently we are asked to make UBends (180°) bends. In a UBend, the offset is twice the radius, and keeping the offset is the trick. In thermoplastics bends the tubing tends to pull in or out (memory) and work as a thermometer with radiant heat. Our process minimizes the movement of the bend offset. For example, in the graphics below, we were asked for an offset. For example, we were asked for an offset of 55.625″ with a 4.75″OD bend for a chain and puck conveyance system.

Here is a UBbend at use in a test machine for puck conveyance.

A similar UBend on a tighter radius.

By the way, compare the transparency of Busada 200 tubing bends to clear PVC Bends.

As pictured below, clear PVC is blue and cloudy as compared to our transparent butyrate (or Provista PETG) bends.

See also our “candy-cane” bends.

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