Bells For 20′ Length Tubing

Published: February 15, 2021
by Charles Busada
A schematic for fabricating a tubing bell

When most people think of belled pipe, they envision PVC pipe that often comes standard with a belled end on one side. PVC pipe manufacturers, thus have specific belling machines dedicated for specific pipe sizes and schedules.

Busada clear tubing and pipe, however, come in hundreds of sizes. Thus, it is impractical and cost-prohibitive to have dedicated machinery to bell so many sizes. Additionally, most of our customers are satisfied by connecting our tubing and pipe by sleeves.

Nevertheless, we have developed a process to bell most any size tubing and not only for coupling purposes. For example, we can bell a 6″ ID tube up to 10″ and anything in between.

We have a new process that allows us to make bells to order in hundreds of sizes in small quantities. Thus, tooling and setup costs are reduced to a minimum.

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