Colors And More Colors

Published: February 15, 2021
by Charles Busada
Many sections of different colored tubing made with coloring sprays

Busada Mfg. Corp has been manufacturing and selling clear transparent tubing for over 70 years. Only in the last 5 years have we added colors, and so it’s been more colors every year. It’s about time we wrote a blog on some ways that we can color our tubing.

First, we have our colorant sprays. This method works well for small orders where we can color our stock tubing. The colors are solvent welded into the tube, and thus, are quite permanent. Also, we can choose to color the outside, the inside, or both. The nicety of this method is that it allows us to put a very thin color coating on a tube, and yet, still leave some transparency. This allows a tube to be seen at a distance and yet also see what is inside the tube clearly.

A similar method is solvent dipping. As you can see, it produces stunning colors from very light to almost opaque.

And we also extrude tubing in colors, and due to our processes, we can extrude small runs with colors. Here we have an exhibit (in construction) for a children’s science museum.

And we can extrude different hues in the same extrusion run.
The one on the right is one of my favorites, I entitle it “Marching to a Different Drummer.”

And we do other stuff too!

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