Butyrate Tubing Clarity And Toughness

Oceanographic core liner tubing containing a sample of materials from the ocean floor

Butyrate tubing (CAB) is known for its toughness, but when properly extruded it can compete even with cast acrylic in clarity. At Busada, we cater to the small order; we run in small lots and low screw speeds. Quality matters here, not throughput. We recently sent a 20′ stick of 3″ ID tubing to Hopewell Rocks at the Bay of Fundy, Canada. It will host an 18″ rock core sample.

The park first wanted to know if the tubing was “heavy duty and clear, . . . and would it be suited for display.” I sent him this short video and a few pictures.

After reading of the park, and the Hopewell Rocks, I just have to see the place. What a wonderful “business trip” this can turn into this coming summer.

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