Making A Para-Truncated Cylinder (A.K.A. Train Tunnel)

Published: March 10, 2019
by Charles Busada
A para-truncated butyrate tube as a casing for industrial lighting

We were approached by a lighting manufacturer to form a suitable transparent casing and shell for an industrial light.

Normally extruding this would be the answer, but the quantity needed did not justify the tooling.

So, using a secondary fabrication process, we produced this (flattened cylinder) known as a para-truncated-cylinder.

We have capabilities of transforming our cylinders into various shapes and sizes.

Our transparent butyrate tubing is easily thermoformed, bent, belled, and blow molded.

If you need something odd in a tube, consider us. We are fairly odd too.

Oh, yes, and the tube was to have 6″ of flat side and 6″ of height.

And as you can see, we love dogs.

A para-truncated butyrate tube measured by rulers

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