The finished coffee roaster trade show display with lights and butyrate tubing spirals running along the top of the coffee bar.

In July we received a print to bend tubing for a trade-show coffee roaster display. We had two weeks to meet a deadline. We elected to make the bends out of a 3″ OD butyrate tubing with a .125 wall. The bend radii were as tight as 8″ CLR. Dry ice worked as the “steam.” We also welded in saddles and exit ports for the dry ice.

The prints required offsets and circles of various radii with tight tolerances for on-site installation. . . . and we went to task.


The design schematic of the circle and spiral bends for the coffee roaster display

The pieces came together and the result was delightful. We were glad to be a part of this and hats off to Alex, the engineer-architect.

So, an offset and one of two circle bends.


One of the tubing loops made for the coffee roaster display.
A finished circle bend made of butyrate tubing on the fabrication shop floor.

The result was stunning.


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