Large Rectangular Butyrate Tubing

Published: August 20, 2018
by Charles Busada
Rectangular tubing as part of a conveying system in a bottle making factory

When the call came in to produce a large run of 6″ x 3.5″ Rectangular Butyrate Tubing in a short time, we got to work. From inquiry to drawing, design, tooling, and then to production it took 3 weeks. We were pleased with the results. Above, we see an interesting orientation change; a tube (bent on a minor axis) transitions to a major axis. The bottles look like Jedi skyfliers as they rapidly change from vertical to horizontal orientation.

“Vertical Orientation” refers to the position of cup or bottle relative to the ground. If the cup slides “like a hockey puck” it is in the vertical position. If the cup travels “rolling on its side” it is in the horizontal orientation. Or, to put it more accurately, if the tube is bent on the major axis, it is a “vertical bend.” If the tube is bent upon the minor dimension, it is a “horizontal bend.”

In the picture above the red arrow points to the minor axis (horizontal) bend while the blue arrow points to the vertical axis bend.

But the final product is impressive.

Hats off to the system designers.

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