Macro-Algae Bio-Absorption Filters

Published: June 23, 2017
by Charles Busada
A macro algae bio-absorption filter with a central column of plastic tubing surrounded by LEDs and both plastic and metal parts

Pax Bellum contacted us regarding their macro-algae bio-absorption filters for the aquaculture and aquarium industry. The devices use a central light assembly consisting of a plurality of LEDs affixed to a water pipe or heat pipe. They were looking to replace the clear tube separating the LED array from the system water (currently polycarbonate.) After a few months in saltwater and going through thermal cycling would cause crazing and stress fracturing.

Temperatures inside the light tube can reach upwards of 150-180F if the unit is turned on without water inside.

They originally searched for CAB but Tritan caught their interest. Tritan is an Eastman Copolyester with high impact strength and excellent heat resistance.

In this particular instance, the Tritan tube may be bonded to an acrylic base.

Tritan is crystal clear and Eastman has several posts on bonding.

We eagerly await supplying more butyrate tubing as well as Tritan tubing for their future designs.

A disassembled macro-algae bio-absorption filter on a work table

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