Ready, Set, Takeoff Pneumatic Coffee

Many provista tubes from from coffee bean dispensers to the pneumatic conveying system in the Roasting Plant

The Roasting Plant has just opened up a beautiful facility in Denver. We work with Advance Design Solutions to do our small part in this. We make the tubing and bends. The Roasting Plant uses cutting-edge technology in their stores, and the result is truly a mix of art and science.

On this picture you can see the overhead tubing of 1-1/2″ UVO Provista tubing (NSF compliant) that feeds into 6″ Provista chute bins. The tubing has a staticide coating to cut down on static charge. Not only does it protect from arcing, but assists in reducing dust accumulation.

Provista is a PETG tube with excellent stability and clarity. It has not only FDA approval, but NSF compliance. It coats well and flame polishes beautifully. It is as clear as cast acrylic and as quiet as butyrate and as tough as polycarbonate.

The impressive pneumatic conveying system of the Roasting Plant carry beans across the ceiling to many rows of coffee dispensers

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