The metal fruit chute to be replaced by clear, FDA food-safe butyrate tubing.

Recently we were given the challenge to produce a tight radius bend to replace a metal fruit chute (peaches). The bend needed a 6″ ID and a tight 12″ radius.

We were able to accomplish this by flaring a 5″ ID tube to 6.5″ ID and bending the tube 3D to come under the trough laterally.

So, able now to make the tight bend, the next decision is on the resin. Our customer will need an FDA-approved material. We can supply FDA butyrate, polycarbonate, Tritan, PETG (provista), and now NSF transparent PVC.

I’m no expert on fruit transport, but I’m sure that the smooth radius transition of the bend below will be much easier on the fruit than the harsh bump it takes in the metal chute.

Looking into the flared end of the replacement fruit chute tube.
The fruit chute tube with flared end.
Tight radius bend with coned flare.

Below is the Chute Bend before the flare. Notice the bluer tint of FDA Butyrate tubing.

Computer mockup and diagram of fruit chute tube.
The fruit chute tube made of FDA Butyrate with a slight blue tint.

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