Round To Rectangular II

Rectangular tubing next to its printed design plan

Earlier we posted on our ability to fabricate rectangular tubing from our stock round Busada 200 Tubing. Recently we had a request to a 4.375 x 3.375″ rectangular tube for a prototype test for pneumatic conveyance of squat paper cups. This is an inexpensive alternative to tooling up extrusion runs with minimum orders. We also have a process to bend the tube on either the major or minor axis from 5 to 180 Deg, as well as offer offset and twist bends. We fabricate tubing in Butyrate, PETG, and Polycarbonate.

We also received an order for a 7.375″ YDim x 4.375″ XDim with unequal tangents bend on the major axis.


A rectangular bend on the cooling blocks

And a recent project involving an algae study that required round flow into rectangular.

looking into round to rectangular tubing from above the rectangular side
looking into round to rectangular tubing from above the round side
A section of clear tubing moving from round on one end to rectangular on the other

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