Butyrate VS. Acrylic In Outdoor Weathering Valve Stems

Published: September 22, 2016
by Charles Busada
Lisa Pugh examining the new butyrate valve stem protectors in use

Decades ago, Rodney Hunt Company, Orange MA and Waterman Industries, Inc., Exeter, CA began using our butyrate tubing to protect their stems from weathering. Butyrate (CAB) protectors provided clarity, UV protection, and fracture resistance without the weight and other drawbacks of steel pipe.

Lisa Pugh examining the new butyrate valve stem protectors in use

Recently Lisa Pugh of the Louisa County Water Authority paid us a visit. She brought some 2″ and 3″ pipe sections from Weir valves at a waste treatment plant. It is worth a picture to compare our butyrate tubing with the used acrylic tubing that she brought in.

Acrylic cannot survive long in an outdoor environment. We recommend UV Stabilized butyrate for all outdoor applications. CAB 576E has about the best UV stabilization in the business and, depending on location can last over a decade in outside environments.
To the right: Acrylic tubing from months-old to several years old. Notice the yellowing, to browning. The tube (second to the left) was only in use for less than one year. With the color change comes easy breaking.

Butyrate tubing, even after some long-term stress cracking will remain structurally sound for years.

Typical valve-stem application

For more information on butyrate properties (Eastman Chemical formula 576E), click here.

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