Museum of Ice Cream and a pink helix

Published: May 30, 2024
by Charles Busada

We had the challenge of making a large pneumatic golf-ball helix, sight unseen, in Miami. The result was a hole in one.

The Museum of Ice Cream is scheduled to open soon in the Miami Worldcenter. It’s massive! The museum takes up 14,000 square-ft over two stories. Its interactive environment is designed to inspire human connection and energize the senses.

At the outset of this project, we were faced with a number of uncertainties. The original prints were incomplete and required ongoing modifications. The customer wanted the helix in one piece and did not want couplings.

This, we could do, but it would have been price prohibitive. We had a tight schedule and were not in control of the bends after we had shipped them. Our fears were warranted, as they were warehoused in a non-climate-controlled warehouse for over two weeks, and the bends ‘pulled in.’ That made for a difficult install.”

Nor did we know the location of the studs, their thickness and the number of them. As it ended up there were 23 of them, all 1.5″ and a thick gauged steel. All of that worked against us. We were running out of time.

So, human kindness (an answer to prayer!) came to the fore. A number of experienced workers had finished their projects early and selflessly took the brunt of the work on the second loop. Special thanks to Tommy (on the right) and Eric (not pictured) for making the final part of the installation a success.

And for the coup de grace, we connected the helix to the straw, and so, “let the fun begin.”

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