Candy Canes anyone?

Published: March 29, 2024
by Charles Busada

Legend has it that candy canes were first created in the late 17th century when a choirmaster at the Cologne Cathedral in Germany asked a local candy maker to create sugary sticks for children to enjoy during Christmas Eve services. To make them more festive, he asked for the candies to be bent into the shape of a shepherd’s crook to remind children of the shepherds who visited baby Jesus. This has nothing to do with the post below, but it’s a nice segue anyway.

In Busada-land bends clog the floor, going where bends had not gone before.

Some are quite small

Some are quite grand

Some threaded tight

Some colored grand.

For kids, we make rainbows, sparking laughter, and dreams,

In factories, they’re part of the streaming of streams.

Luminaries Bright

To light up the night

A stone plaza lit up at night by an artistic plastic tubing display.

Green canes for fluids, flow out of our sight.

Pneumatic tubes, whooshing pies in the sky

Some so big, you-gotta see it from high.

Gravity drop for a paper bag,

from upstairs to downstairs

with barely a drag.

With twists and turns to give it pizzazz.

And coffee ascending with razzmatazz.

With ovals and cutouts

Caps fly through the air

And biotics for chow

Rectangular to round

And expert know-how.

And with this we must end

Lest my boss, I offend

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