An Ancient City of Lights

Published: February 12, 2024
by Charles Busada

Bergamo, Italy, a city rich in history and culture, holds a significant place in the annals of Italian heritage. Nestled in the Lombardy region, Bergamo boasts a captivating past that dates back to the Celts and Romans. It played a vital role in trade and commerce, strategically located along major routes connecting Milan and Venice.

With its fascinating history spanning centuries, Bergamo offers a unique blend of ancient charm and modern vibrancy. Exploring this remarkable city is like stepping back in time while also experiencing the vibrant energy of contemporary Italian life.

On the occasion of the opening of the celebrations for Bergamo Brescia Italian Capital of Culture, the Lights on project by designers Objects of Common Interest, specifically designed for Bergamo’s Piazza della Libertà, was presented to the city.

Due to the climate of this southern Italian city, we supplied Eleni Petaloti, a world-class architect with Cellulose Acetate Butyrate (CAB) with an Eastman Stratus colorant to light the town square. We choose butyrate for its excellent weathering capabilities, enhanced UV stabilization, and overall beauty to house the solar-powered LED lights.

“With this installation,” says designer Eleni Petaloti, “we thought of reactivating a public space that appeared underutilized by transforming it into a livelier environment, into an ‘enlightened city square’ that is inspiring and brings joy to its inhabitants. We also developed the theme of the relationship between the community and its natural resources, enhancing a city that ‘invents’ based on what it already has, drawing solutions from its past and cultural heritage.”

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