Labyrinth Pneumatic Miter Challenge

Published: February 20, 2023
by Charles Busada

When Bayer came to us with a rush project for a children’s learning display we faced a daunting challenge. We needed to take clear, transparent CAB 4″ OD tubing and bend it into complex 3D shapes. This was necessary to conserve space and allow the display to break down for trips to various trade shows.

The display contained four sections, each within the boundaries of gate valves. The curves are tight and mitered sections had to be smooth enough that the carrier inside the system would flow freely.

Jared, our new president, gives our customer a test run. After this test, the system was disassembled and sent to the customer with specific instructions on welding the sections into one complete unit.

Here are some fine details of a 3D miter. The solvent-welded bonds are remarkably clear and strong. This is a strong point for fabrications in Cellulose Acetate Butyrate.

And, a quick trip through the system.

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