LED Lighting in a Painting Booth

Published: January 30, 2023
by Charles Busada

Ameri-Cure Inc. is a US manufacturer and leader in spray booth manufacturing for customers all over North America for decades. The Company offers waterborne spray booths, drying systems, truck booths, paint mixing rooms, and prep-stations for high-end painting and collision companies.

They have a large range of painting and curing pods, and in this case, large enough for 18-wheel trucks:

And booths for painting high-end automobiles. They require excellent soft lighting to furnish the proper non-glare bright environment for painting professionals to do their magic. They use our Stratus-line LED tubing for this purpose. Stratus is highly diffusible but eliminates the sharpness of LED lamps.

Stratus tubing glows but it does not pierce (as LED headlights will do on a road!)

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