Three-Tiered Helical Bends for LED Lights.

Published: June 12, 2022
by Charles Busada
As we have been developing a Stratus tubing line we had a challenge brought before us this week. Our customer wanted to see if we could make a tight-radius 2" OD tube that could be sectioned together to form a circular helix.

The challenge here is the length of tubing required to make the bends. Our technique requires bending an 18′ section of tubing to get a single, tightly wound, 3-tier helix. When completed, we will need 20 sections to form the design pictured below.

2″ OD Stratus Tube Circular Helix formed from seven 3-tiered sections

With our proprietary bending technique, we construct a form with the proper diameter, and carefully roll the tubing for a tight curl.

After removing from and before cutting off the excess.
After cutting on the arc, the tube remains round for coupling.

After bending the tube, it cools on the form and is removed to cut off the tangent ends.

It is imperative that the bend remain round throughout this process for ease of coupling to other sections and for the insertion of the LED lights throughout.

Finished Bend

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