Rectangular Tubing Bend Guide

Published: May 19, 2021
by Charles Busada
Here our fabrication crew celebrates our largest-to-date Major orientation bend. Think of it as a bridge. Note that it is major bend around its larger Y axis.

Rectangular tubing bend orientation can be confusing. Many simply call the two options the “hard way,” and the “easy way.” We designate two planes of rectangular-tube bending: Y, (around the Major axis) or X= around the minor axis.

A graphic illustrating the difference between minor and major axis rectangular bends
A graphic illustrating the minor and major axis rectangular tubing bends

Our rectangular bends are used, by and large, by cup manufactures in pneumatic conveyance of “squat cups.”

Thus, we also picture the bend orientation vs cup transport.

When ordering, please provide the bend size, the angle, the bend radius, the orientation (major or minor), and tangents (standard tangents are 8″ on both ends).

Example below: Call the shop for assistance at 540-967-2882

Size         angle    radius       orientation  tangents 
2644R45 Deg24″ Major8-24

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