Set Screw Coupling Of Sleeves

Published: February 15, 2021
by Charles Busada

Busada transparent sleeves can be coupled in many ways: solvent bonding, solvent spot welding, axial slit and clamping, radial slit and clamping, and heat expansion. In situations where attractiveness surpasses utility, we recommend small conical set screws. They are discrete and still allow for un-coupling and cleaning the tubing system.

First, obtain conical set screws. We recommend Alloy Steel Cone-Point Set Screws, 1/4″-28 thread, 3/8″ in length. Use an appropriate drill and tap (the set screws will self-tap, so this is an option).

These set screws will dig into the tubing wall.

Just drill with the appropriate bit, and thread (the set screws can self thread). Plan for between 4 and 8 setscrews according to your needs.

Butyrate tubing is excellent for fabrication. As it is a cellulosic, it cuts, taps, and works like a piece of pine.

Insert the tubing into the sleeve and carefully tighten with an Allen wrench. Be very careful not to strip the plastic thread.

That’s it. It’s easy.

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