More Tight Radius Bends

Published: February 15, 2021
by Charles Busada
A large clear tubing bend in a tight radius over a bend schematic on the table

Here above we have an example of a larger OD tight-radius-bends. This one is a 4.750 OD tube bent on a 13″ center-line radius.

You will notice that the right side of the bend has an extended tangent and the accuracy of the bend is measured by the inside wall end-to-end.

And, to the side, we have a 5.375″ OD Bend on a remarkable 12″ center-line radius.

It takes a considerable amount of skill to pull this off with a transparent tube. These bends are both composed of our CAB (cellulose acetate butyrate) stock line of tubing. Our stock tubing ranges in 1/8″ increments from 2″ OD to 10″ OD.

We can also bend tight-radius bends in our Provista (PETG) line and our Tritan line. But the key is to keep the walls intact and free from buckling. We have a 4-point process for doing so. Also, our proprietary air-bending process aids in the tube clarity.

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