FDA Butyrate

Published: February 15, 2021
by Charles Busada
A mouse has gotten trapped in a section of transparent rectangular tubing before being released

Had a visitor in my office this morning. Poor fella, he had spent the entire weekend in a self imposed terrarium. He was pretty shook up, but we removed him to the great outside and gave some nutty treats and water. After a few hours he went his own way.

He ate a bit of the tube . . . no worries. FDA butyrate is non toxic and now mouse tested. But it is something to consider. I wonder how many animal pet-store habitats and especially wild bird feeders have FDA compliance for our wild friends.

Humming bird feeders? Here we have liquid in direct contact with tubing. Are we poisoning our hummingbirds unknowingly?

So, the answer here should be to use NSF compliant Provista (UV stabilized) for our feathered friends. Of course, we make this.

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