Fabrication by Mitering of Ells, Bells, and Flanges

Published: February 15, 2021
by Charles Busada
A group of custom fabricated ells on a white background

Here is an illustration showing our method of fabricating 90° ells from a straight section of CAB Tenite clear extruded butyrate pipe.

This example is from 4″ Sch 40 pipe. The ends of the two pieces to be joined are cut on a 22½° angle. A short filler cut with the 22½° angle on each end is fitted between them. The pipe can easily be assembled in the field, even cut by hand in a miter box. The ends of the cut pipe to be joined are soaked in butyl acetate until very tacky, then pressed firmly together. A bead of acetone cement is applied to the joint and allowed to dry. Other fittings can be made in a similar manner using the proper angles cut in the pipe.

Fabricated flanges and bell couplings are also shown. We have several ways of making them. The bell coupling is necessary for installing a pipeline with a bell-and-spigot type of connection.

Flanges can be fabricated directly from the tubing by heating in a mineral oil bath, external quartz heaters, or by solvent welding butyrate tubing to butyrate sheeting. The key is for slow heating and setting temperatures to approx 300°F.

Here we see the application of a tight-radius ell in a factory setting.

And an example of a multi-mitered water permeability tester.

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