An Old Friend Returns

Published: December 26, 2020
by Charles Busada
A flared tubing section that has seen years of use.

We got to see an old friend this week. A large paper-cup manufacturer called and asked for a “chute diverter” that had been operating in their factory for 30 years! Needless to say, we could not look up their old invoice, so we needed a picture. It was a made-to-order diverter chute.

The chute was still in operation so they could not send us one. They tried to describe the tube and its dimensions, but I just asked them for a picture.
After the paper cup’s manufacturing, the cup takes a gravity drop into the 30° flare and immediately into the arc of a 30° bend, bent on a 14” centerline radius. What amazes me is that the tube still has clarity. The brown section of the bell is not due to the butyrate oxidizing, rather that is the result of millions of newly printed cups depositing a little dye.

We actually found the original forms and jig that made the tube.

It’s just nice to see that our products withstand the test of time.

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