LED Lights Of Uncommon Interest With Stratus Tubing

Published: August 22, 2020
by Charles Busada
The concept mockup, design schematic, and photo of the finished LED tubing installation.

Our LED tubing was put to a beautiful use with Objects of Common Interest in a Brussels display. The architects chose our line of Stratus tubing (6″ OD). The project came to us first in concept, design, and fabrication. The material used to produce these lights is an Eastman Chemical Stratus formula. It has a PETG (Provista) base with a colorant that is specially designed to glow, but not to reveal, the LED lights inside the tube. This display is indoors, but our Stratus tube is also UV stabilized for outside use.

The 6″ OD bends were bent upon a 24″ center-line radius and cut directly on the arc. The trick is to do this with 0% ovality and we have a process developed for this end.

It is also difficult to bend a Stratus tube of this OD to such a radius with no imperfections (which will obviously show up when the tube is lit.)

The illuminated LED tubes set up in their installation.
The concept mockup, schematic, and fabricated half-circle tubes used in the lighting exhibition
Image of the LED lighting tubes displayed in their exhibition. Caption says, "Tube Lights. 2018, Acrylic. Tube Lights is a series of lights - floor, wall, and ceiling mount - abstract sculptural articulations, lit from within, that appear to be pliant or soft yet powerful, as they emerge from and recede into the floor and walls. The three primary pieces consist of #1 a half circle, positioned on the ground as a floor piece, a wall sconce or a ceiling mount, #2 a floor lamp that gently leans against a wall, and #3 a quarter circle that sits in a wall, ceiling or floor right angle corner in an ambiguous composition.
Two bends joined to make a circle. Caption says, "Demonstration of the accuracy of the two half-circle bends."

Here we see that the designers used our straight extruded Stratus tubing and bonded it to polished Stainless Steel U Bend for a fabulous effect.

Two illuminated, white LED tubes joined by a curved stainless steel arch forming a frame around a mirror.

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