Special Offset Bends

Published: August 1, 2020
by Charles Busada
An offset bend made of PVC to be replaced by butyrate

A customer in New Jersey had an immediate need to replace his PVC offset bend. He was transferring a powder through it and was running into packing by the tight radius 45° elbows. He could not send us the bend and for a variety of reasons could not provide us dimensions. So we asked him to take a profile picture of the bend to at least identify it.

Our task was to identify the bend and its coordinates so as to fit his machinery. Pythagoras assisted us with that task.

Then, sight unseen, we were to fix the problem of the powder sticking in the tight-radiused elbows. We eliminated the large straight section and replaced it with a true offset bend of equal angle degree and radii on both ends. Just to assist him in coupling it, we provided extended tangents on both ends so he could cut them down to ensure a perfect fit.

He was happy with the result and we were happy to oblige.

If you have a special tubing need, we have 70 years of experience as we are entering our 3rd generation. We have just about seen everything.


Two offset bends next to each other

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