Rectangular Twist Bend System

Published: June 3, 2020
by Charles Busada
Gif showing the full length of a rectangular tubing system with multiple bends

We received a challenge from a customer who needed to convey closures through a labyrinth of machines, fixtures, and clearances to get to the loading bin. The trick involved a rectangular twist. Rectangular twists provide a change of orientation of closures (lids in this case). A 90° twist can turn a lid on its side, a 180° twist can flip a lid, and other angles provide all points in between. Also, twists have directions, and thus can turn on a right hand or a left hand (think of drill bits). So, in this case, due to the tightness of space, we put the twist in the midst of a 90° bend.

This not only turned the orientation of the bend but provided a more structurally sound travel point at the ceiling. Rectangular tubing, like wood joists, is more rigid when the minor dimension is perpendicular to the floor.

Here is the system in a nutshell before shipping.

A mock up of the twisted rectangular tubing system
The rectangular tubing twisted bend with axis labelled

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