Oval PETG Tubing

Published: July 7, 2019
by Charles Busada
Gif of a carrier with red lights traveling through ovular pneumatic conveying system
We have extruded oval tubing for over a decade, but this is the first time we extruded it in our PETG (Provista) formulation. PETG has some advantages over CAB in that it is FDA and NSF compliant with food contact, and our employed formula has passed the NFPA 286 flammability test. It is also certified to ANSI/NSF 51. So, Provista was the go-to resin in this indoor customer application. Here are a few pictures to show its clarity and its scheme. (Check out some of our other blogs on how beautifully Provista flame polishes.) But the real challenge here was to make tight-radius bends on the minor axis. Any variation greater than -0.030″ would cause the carrier to stick. So, we have two gif’s: the first one shows our testing of every individual bend, and the second one is the test of the completed system. I love the red-glowing carrier.
Oval Provista PETG tubing wrapped in plastic

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