Acrylic Bends VS. Butyrate Bends

Published: November 22, 2016
by Charles Busada
A new butyrate bend over the broken and yellowed acrylic bend it's replacing

Do not use acrylic tubing bends! We received a package in the mail today. We were asked to please “make two more like these.” The broken bend was acrylic, and thus, it came in in fragments. We did our best to reconstruct it, but with a wall that varied nearly .030″, distorted tangents, and out of round OD, we felt like forensic scientists. The bend seemed to be a 4.750″OD x 4.375″ ID (give and take .060) on a 22″ center-line radius with an angle of 85°.

Notice the yellowing; it lacked UV stabilization.

We draw it up . . .

New bend in butyrate.

. . . Never use acrylic bends for pneumatic conveying, and always insist on UV stabilization.

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