Snowmetrics Snowboard Equipment

Published: November 17, 2016
by Charles Busada
A snow sampling tube with measurement markings made from Butyrate tubing

SnowMetrics has been using Busada Tubing for decades. They choose our sampler tubes for wall thickness and diameter accuracy. They specify butyrate tubing for its enhanced properties of toughness, weatherability, and shatter resistance. Tubes are 12″ in length (30.5cm). They are marked with a rule in metric and English graduations and have a beveled cutting end for greater accuracy.

A simple adjustment on the scale for the tare weight of the tubes allows the user to read a sample directly in water equivalence. The scale also has both metric and English graduations.

The picture below shows how easily our cellulose acetate butyrate tubing machines. As a cellulosic, the tube is not only renewable, but it machines much like wood.

To view the snowboard sampler in action click here.

Close up of the snow sample tube showing the measure markings in centimeters and inches.

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