Now That’s a Tube

Published: October 10, 2016
by Charles Busada
Two short sections of clear, heavy-walled butyrate tubing set on their sides next to each other

We are often approached for heavy-walled tubing in CAB (butyrate), PETG, and Tritan up to 1/2″ in thickness: no problem. We have extruded a 3″ OD Butyrate tube with a .625″ a specialty product for. S. King Fulton Corp. They chose Busada butyrate tubing for its toughness and UV stabilization. It could absorb the impact of docking marina craft, and enhance the appearance of marinas by its optical clarity. We extruded this tube for over a decade through both air-cooling and vacuum sizing processes.


A troll doll and ruler with level next to two heavy walled tubes crossing each other.

Butyrate was selected for this application because of its excellent UV stabilization, weatherability, and clarity.

Here we see these heavy tubes lining a Florida marina. Yes, it is a bit dated. Love the bouffant!

An old black and white photo of heavy tubing lining a Florida Marina where a small boat is docked.

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