Busada Upgrades To New Equipment

Published: October 27, 2014
by Charles Busada

Old to New:
One nice thing about working in a company that has been around for over sixty years is seeing different technologies working in harmony. Busada has never purchased used equipment but has been careful to maintain equipment long past its expected lifetime.

More on this later. . .


Here, we have our #4 line (Prodex 1-3.4”) old Veridrive belt reducer that has received the end of its days.


The belt system on our World War Two era vintage Veridrive belt
A vintage Veridrive belt being disassembled and replaced

Here, Andy starts the removal process.


Our technician replacing the old World War Two era vintage Veridrive belt

And . . . a few weeks later, back in production with a new (and quiet) Emerson AC reduction drive.


Busada's new Emerson AC reduction drive installed

And off to scrap, but this WW II vintage drive is not forgotten for over fifty years of service!


World War Two era vintage Veridrive belt reducer sitting on the shop floor

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